Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome to Granny's Kitchen!

This blog was started because our family simply has too many good recipes and it really wouldn't be fair to keep them all to ourselves. We share them often, but typing them over and over again into emails and copying down many scribbled recipe cards are not the most efficient ways to share. Which leads us to the birth of this blog.

We (my mother Karen and I) will be periodically posting recipes, links to great food sites, and hopefully a picture or two of our creations. I'd like to think that we could persuade some fellow foodies to guest-post on occasion also.

For anyone who is wondering I will sometimes still be posting recipes on my own personal blog "Occasional Rants, Raves & Praise" but if it's a recipe that is truly worthwhile then I may cross post it here also or just link to it.

If you happen to know my Mama and I in real life, feel free to request a certain recipe and we'll do our best to put it up. Just remember that we are foodies, not chefs, so if something in a recipe is unclear be sure to leave a comment and let us explain ourselves.

Happy Eating!

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