Friday, August 28, 2009

I Found A Treasure

I hope you don't mind if in between recipes I throw in a little story I'd like to share about a cookbook I found as a young bride which is special to me. Since the time I was young and had my first recipe card box I have collected interesting cookbooks as a lot of women do.

One day many years ago an older friend of my Mother's happened to be having a yard sale so I went. There laying on the table was an old worn out thick paper parchment recipe booklet bound together with string. A good old fashioned cookbook indeed ! I couldn't contain my excitement at such a find so I grabbed it up and as I opened it I could see it was comprised of many many recipes that a lot of woman had contributed to long ago. Of course we all know they are the best !

As I was thumbing through it she walked over and explained to me that it was her very first cookbook when she was a newlywed long ago. She has since passed on but if I had to take a guess I would say that cookbook would be at least 65 to 70 years old.

It called for a pinch of this and a dash of that in many of the recipes but I was thrilled to get it and over the years many of the cookie recipes have become my favorite ones. One recipe described the molasses cookies as the kind like the bakery makes with the crackly tops.

The fried cake(donuts) recipe became a favorite for our family tradition every fall . We head to the cider mill for a couple fresh jugs of cider to go with them.

Needless to say it had become really brittle over the years though I kept it in a freezer bag to protect it so a couple of years ago as a birthday surprise my dear daughter Traci asked me if she could borrow it if she promised to take care of it and then she took it to the local printer's and had it copied for me page by brittle page so should the book fall apart I will have those recipes. She's so thoughtful and...... she cooks ! I am truly, truly blessed !!!!

Anyway I may just post a recipe or two from that book in the future so stay tuned...... lots more recipes to come and thanks for stopping by.

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