Thursday, August 13, 2009

Recipes from a Friend

Our friend Trina blogs over at All That Is Good, and although she has a wide array of great posts she also posts recipes from time to time and I thought that I'd showcase a few of my favorites that I've dug out of her archives.

Her Cheeseburger Soup is delicious and although that I'm sure many of you are thinking "Soup? In the middle of summer?" Trust me. Cheeseburger soup is good any time of year. And who doesn't like soup and salad as an easy meal?

Which brings me to another favorite of mine. Her Caesar salad dressing. It's sooooo good. And garlicky. And good. And yes I'm aware that spell check is going to jump all over the word garlicky. But I plan on hitting ignore and posting it anyway. Because garlicky should be a word. And once again I'm drifting off track. Back to Trina's salad. I dream of her Caesar salad. It's that good. One Saturday I almost called her to request that it be her dish to pass for church on Sunday. I didn't because.. well it seemed tacky. Luckily great minds think alike and she brought it on her own accord without my pestering.

And why not take some of that Caesar Salad and some grilled chicken and wrap it up in a homemade Tortilla??? Wouldn't that make a delicious lunch? Well. I have to admit that I have not made tortillas, but I have certainly eaten Trina's. And they are very very good. It's hard to argue with the cost effectiveness and healthiness of making them yourself. And the link above gives a little tutorial too.

And I suppose I should end with some sort of dessert eh? So here is her post for Strawberry Shortcake. Yum.

Well, now that I've rummaged through the unknowing Trina's recipe archives I've developed a grumbling stomach! Be sure to check them out yourselves because they certainly are divine.


Rachel said...

I agree...the caesar salad is to die for! I have been making it some lately and it's wonderful! But only if you absolutely love garlic! lol

Karen said...

And I guess it's very obvious we are garlic eaters by all the recipes we are posting with garlic in them ! There's not a Vampire within a million miles of us ! lol