Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Veggie and Barbecued Onion stuffed Pita Pockets

The combination of all the flavors in this healthy filled to the brim sandwich recipe I found in a magazine over 20 years ago makes for a very yummy sandwich indeed . The barbecued onions give it a great twist. This includes many summer time veggies and worth the effort to prepare and keep ingredients at the ready in the fridge.

steamed chopped tender - crisp broccoli florets
steamed chopped cauliflower florets
grated carrot
yellow squash
red cabbage

1 sliced onion
barbecue sauce
avocado slices
thin slivers of dill pickle
finely shredded lettuce
alfalfa sprouts
wheat pita or tortillas
oil for cooking onions

Put a small amount of oil in a pan and cook onions slowly until cooked.
Stir in small amount of barbecue sauce to coat onions.

Spread the pita or tortilla inside lightly with the mayonnaise.
Add the cooked veggies.Stuff with tiny amounts all other
veggies ending up with barbecued onions in the middle and avocado
on the top..These can be put together in plastic wrap
and refrigerated for 2 to 3 days.

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