Friday, March 5, 2010

Introducing The Delicious Endeavors Blog Carnival

We've recently decided that while we love participating in the Make it From Scratch Carnival (and will continue to do so) we the owners of this blog (that would be Traci and Karen) would like to get together with some of our blogger buddies and create a food specific carnival of our own, which welcomes recipe posts or other how-to posts regarding food.

Which brings us to the new Delicious Endeavors Recipe Carnival.  We hope that our readers out there will enjoy the assortment of recipes that this will promote and that they will feel encouraged to jump in and submit posts.

The submission dates will be Mondays at 5pm.  Here is a link for this week.  The carnival itself will be hosted here on Tuesdays.  Please link back to the carnival so your readers can check out all the recipes.

And if you have a recipe or food related post please be sure to submit it!

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