Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Delicious Endeavors Recipe Carnival, Third Edition!

Welcome to the March 23, 2010 edition of delicious endeavors recipe carnival.  This post is a little lackluster, because after spending a lot of time at the doctor's office today it was easier to use the blog-carnival template and just edit it some.  **Once again, note that only one post can be submitted, per blog, per carnival.  Also, if I read your blog and it looks like your post is either just junk or an attempt to increase traffic without offering anything nutritional or an actual recipe I reserve the right to remove it from the carnival.**

That said... read on and enjoy some informative and delicious posts!

Cooking Tips

Kristin Conroy presents 5 Vegetable Tricks From Professional Chefs, Part 1 posted at Words Are Food, saying, "You can view Part 2 by clicking the link at the top of the post."

Wallet Blogger presents Quality Cookware To Save You Time and Energy posted at The Smarter Wallet, giving interesting input about cookware and gadgets.

Naturally Food Team presents Easy pasta | healthy for your kids and for you! posted at Cook's Blog at Kids Recipes, sharing, "Some ideas for simple and fast pasta dishes."

Nutritional Information

Maureen presents 10 Disgusting & Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches Destroying the Country’s Public Health posted at Online CNA Degree Programs.  This isn't a typical post for this carnival but I liked having the caloric numbers pointed out to me... or maybe I didn't like them.  But I needed to read it anyway, lol!

Organic Eating Daily presents Eating Organic on a Budget | Organic Eating Daily posted at Organic Eating, saying, "How to eat organic foods without breaking the bank"


Lori presents Garlic Baked Potatoes posted at Two Southern Girls.  This is one of those recipes with the simplest ingredients that sounds like it would be a great accompaniment to so many meals.

NHEZ presents Gluten Free Lemon Pasta Recipe posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "This is a fantastically simple recipe that tastes great and is gluten-free to boot!"

axel presents The Healthy Salad posted at axel g.

Zhu presents French Cuisine | Correr Es Mi Destino posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying, "French food, from crêpes to quiches!"

Matthew  presents Mulled Pear Frangipane posted at Desserts.  It sounds insanely good.

Lisa presents Microwave Caramel Corn posted at 4-Ricks.  This recipe is so easy and everyone knows that caramel corn is a great snack so anything that makes it faster or easier to make definitely is an improvement right?

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Lori Vaughn said...

When I went to submit it shows that there is not another blog scheduled. Are you not having one next week?

Traci said...

Oh my. I thought I had scheduled out the next couple months. I'll go fix it, go ahead and submit!